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Conflicts, Identity Issues, Men and Boys of Color, Relationship Issues, Stress and Anxiety

Provide assistance to organizations that are struggling with diversity and with

social equality.

Provide trainings in working with boys and men in the fields of education, mental health and medical settings.

Work With Warren



I am a clinical psychologist with over twenty-five years of experience helping people from all different types of backgrounds.  I work with women and men, children, adolescents, and families to help them improve their self-esteem, clarify identity issues and focus on the positive in themselves. I provide help for depression, anxiety, behavioral and childhood disorders, and for the problems of living. To accomplish these goals, I utilize the following modalities:  individual, family and couples and group psychotherapy. My office is conveniently located in Brooklyn Heights, NYC.


Identity issues have been one of the focuses of my practice. I am an authority in the treatment of boys and men of all ages and backgrounds. I help men to redefine their masculinity, be better fathers and partners and work through early trauma. I also work with boys and men of color to overcome their experience of personal and institutional racism through workshops.


Psychotherapy can help to alleviate suffering and to illuminate a life journey. I see myself as a good co-detective, someone who will help patients to uncover hidden truths about their life and experience and illuminate areas of struggle. Through it all, I maintain a strong sense of humor and intellectual curiosity in my therapeutic work. I employ myth, literature and spirituality in my quest to help. Please feel free to contact me at the email below if you desire more information about my work and orientation. 

Organizational Consultation

I provide assistance to organizations that are struggling with diversity and with social equality. We specialize in helping schools in priding high quality education to minority children. We also provide conflict resolution services to groups and communities that are struggling with racial tension and conflict. We provide consultation to school, police and fire departments and to various non-profit groups in the United States and the middle east.

I also provide the following consultation Services:

Trainings in working with boys and men in the fields of education, mental

health and medical settings.


Current clients: The FDNY,

NYC Private Schools, William Alanson White Center. UFT.

Consultation to schools to help them to improve their education of Black Boys.


Current Clients: NYC Private Schools. Children’s Defense Fund

Consultation in conflict resolution, and the reduction of ethnic conflict.

Current clients: Peace Now Youth Dialogue Program, MEET, AL Quds

University, The West Bank.

Executive Coaching and Consultation in Family Business and Non-Profit


org consultation
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